All Apex Legends Mobile season 2 patch notes

Rhapsody and Rowdy are here to make some noise.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile’s second season, Distortion, has launched with a bang.

New legend Rhapsody is here to make some noise, and she’s bringing plenty of new experiences along with her. Season two introduces new maps, modes, a variety of balance changes, a battle pass, and more to keep players interested while they’re duking it out for the title of Predator.

To help you view the changes and compare them to the previous season, we’ve compiled all the patch notes here. If you’re interested in reading more developer commentary behind the changes, head over to the official Apex Legends Mobile website to get Respawn’s thoughts on each adjustment.

Apex Legends Mobile season two patch notes

New legend: Rhapsody

Rhapsody is set to be a playable character in Apex Legends Mobile. In the Distortion launch trailer, it was revealed that she’s a DJ who loves music and beats. She’s accompanied by Rowdy, an AI-controlled robot that assists her in battle. Her abilities are, accordingly, music-themed.

Rhapsody hails from the city of Kómma on Solace. Like Hammond on some of the Outlands’ planets, the tech company Pythas Inc. controls every aspect of life in Kómma. Rhapsody’s mother, an AI engineer, worked for Pythas until she discovered dangerous company secrets and was fired for it. She and Rhapsody were relocated to Neon Dunes, a seedy nightlife district, and Pythas put them in debt. It was there that Rhapsody became one of the city’s brightest musical stars.

Passive: Gifted Ear

You pick up and visualize sounds from an extended range.

Tactical: Hype Anthem

Play a powerful track that speeds up nearby squadmates and recharges shields. Taking damage will end the effect.

Ultimate Ability: Rowdy’s Rave

Rowdy projects a wall of flashing lights that blocks incoming sight and scans.

Legend Progression Perks

  • Volume Control: Squadmates affected by your Tactical temporarily gain Gifted Ear.
  • Sound Bleed: Occasionally see nearby 3D sound visualizations effects through walls.
  • Tuned In: Continuous running increases the range of Gifted Ear.
  • Reverb: The more squadmates your Tactical affects, the longer it lasts.
  • Harmony: Your Tactical increases the speed of revives and the effect of healing items.
  • Rowdy’s Rhythm: During your ultimate, squadmates standing near Rowdy reload faster.

New maps

Kings Canyon

Apex Legends‘ original map is now in Apex Legends Mobile. Players will be able to find Rhapsody’s special VIP tickets scattered around the map.

Pythas Block 0

Pythas Block 0, a corporate campus owned by Pythas Inc. above the city Kómma, is the latest Team Deathmatch map. In this neon-drenched map, players will find executives’ offices and the fun, flashy Pythas Arcade.

New events

Town Takeover: Encore Galore!

Encore Galore is a brand-new mobile-exclusive town takeover for King’s Canyon. Interested players can check out the POI for good loot and potentially find one of Rhapsody’s VIP passes.

Rhapsody LIVE

Rhapsody LIVE is a new challenge that rewards enterprising players with Rhapsody posters, a new new in-game item.

Season two game modes

Respawn has removed Arenas for the time being. Arenas has been replaced by two new modes, Gun Game and Hack.

Gun Game

Gun Game will also be familiar to those who have played other FPS games before. Each player starts with the same gun and must achieve a kill to receive the next gun in line, and so on up the gun ladder. Whoever has the most points when time runs out or has achieved three melee kills wins the round.


Hack puts players into one of two teams: hackers or defenders. Hackers must work together to hack one of two available locations on the map to gain points. Once Hackers have gained three points, a satellite orbiting the map will destroy the opposing team. Defenders must defend these hackable locations at all costs to prevent themselves from being destroyed. The first team to win four rounds wins the match.

Ranked season two

  • The new season comes with a partial ladder reset.
  • Your rank, point gain, and loss will now appear during a match.
  • Adjusted the point ratio gained for Kills compared to Assists.
  • Real-time ranked leaderboards have been enabled.

Club showdown

Clubs can now advance in their own set of leaderboards by completing brand-new objectives. Each leaderboard will include a group of 20 random clubs that will face off for the top spot. Completing leaderboard challenges awards points, which can then be spent on rewards. The higher your club ranks, the better the rewards will be.

Distortion seasonal shop

The in-game shop has been decked out in Rhapsody’s colors and features a variety of new purchasable content, including weapon skins, weapon charms, loot boxes, and more.

New seasonal shop

Season two’s iteration of the shop includes three new legendary skins: Mecha Strike Go! Bloodhound, Lifeline, and Fade.

Bloodhound, Lifeline, and Fade wear mecha superhero-inspired skins.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Distortion battle pass

Rhapsody stands next to the first five levels of season two's battle pass.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Legend adjustments

  • Added the ability for Pathfinder’s hook to pull enemies without Pathfinder being pulled towards the enemy.
  • Disabled the ability to use the second jump from Octane’s jump pad while using healing items.
  • Removed collision for teammates.

Weapon adjustments

  • Fully kitted weapons changed to: Havok, Prowler, Spitfire, Charge Rifle & Mastiff.
  • EVA-8 & Devotion moved to Care Package, Spitfire and Volt removed from Care Package.
  • EVA-8 base pellet damage increased from 6 to 7, spare ammo stack adjusted to 60.
  • Devotion base damage increased from 16 to 17, spare ammo stack adjusted to 270.
  • Removed Spitfire barrel attachment slot. Increased tactical reload speed from 2.37s to 2.57s. 
  • Regular Spitfire reload speed increased from 3.06s to 3.26s. Magazine capacity adjusted to 40/45/50/55.
  • Volt base damage reduced from 17 to 15.
  • Volt magazine capacity adjusted to 21/24/27/32.
  • Peacekeeper lower limb damage ratio adjusted from 0.8 to 1
  • Mozambique lower limb damage ratio adjusted from 0.93 to 1

New weapon attachments and customization

  • Added unique tracer VFX for the Turbocharger and Selectfire Receiver hop-ups.
  • Seasonal themed tracer ammo will have trajectory VFX and hit effects.
  • Added new customization features for crosshairs. Adjust color, width, length and transparency.

Game mode adjustments

Team Deathmatch

  • EVA-8 and Devotion moved from the base weapon pool to the care package.
  • Spitfire and Volt added to the base weapon pool.
  • Spitfire and Volt changed from red to gold tier weapons


  • Kill Achievements system for BR and MP modes now available. Can be turned off in the settings menu.

Bug Fixes, adjustments, and quality of life improvements

  • Added distance acceleration mode in sensitivity settings.
  • Added vertical sync toggle in video options menu.
  • Picking up a squadmates banner has been adjusted to a one-handed action. You can now loot a squadmates banner while shooting or using a healing item.
  • Optimized climbing speed and animation.
  • Added a third person in air crouching animation.
  • Added a toggle to turn team mate item callouts on or off in the settings menu.
  • Added pinging while knocked and a help callout button.
  • Added an in game squadmate item request display.
  • Fixed the unintended momentum conservation occurring from bunny hopping tech.
  • Fixed an issue where the red notification dot would not resolve naturally in the store.
  • Fixed an issue where Pathfinder would cause themselves and an enemy to spin in circles while grappled.
  • Fixed an issue where players could hear enemy footsteps while in the void.
  • Fixed an issue where Octane’s jump pad would sometimes not trigger when stepping on it.
  • Fixed an issue where Octane could not use weapons after taking a zipline.
  • Fixed an issue where using a finisher would cause players to get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where the range of Caustic’s ultimate would not match its visual animation.
  • Fixed an issue where Caustic’s traps would not deploy properly due to Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection.
  • Fixed an issue where Caustic’s gas animation would remain visible after the effect has ended.
  • Fixed an issue where map beacons would not show animation when scout legends would interact with them.
  • Fixed an issue where gunshot SFX would trigger randomly.
  • Fixed a visual issue where crosshairs would not disappear. 
  • Fixed an issue where some buttons would not disappear when hidden and sometimes display abnormal transparency.
  • Fixes and optimizations to controller support.
  • Fixed various geo and mesh issues that caused players to get stuck or move irregularly.
  • Fixed an issue where mobile respawn beacons and heat shields were not auto looted.
  • HUD customization now supports 0 Transparency.
  • Various Fixes and optimizations to the Legend select screen.
  • Added various performance optimizations to the World’s Edge map.
  • Optimized screen transition performance.
  • Optimized the skydive experience.
  • Added the ability to block non friend team invites.
  • Optimized various aspects of the shops’ menus.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.
  • Optimized the ability display performance in low graphic settings, to ensure smooth ability usage.
  • Optimized accuracy of melee attacks.
  • Optimized the mechanics of Wraiths Ultimate and Tactical abilities. Tactical can only be released after the ultimate initial action is finished.
  • Optimized the visual effects in the void.
  • Optimized Bangalore’s smoke effect, increased the visibility in the smoke.
  • Optimized most legends’ perk icon display.
  • Caustic’s “Healing Catalyst” perk now has its own reviving animation.
  • Fixed visual issue that caused Mirage’s decoys to occasionally have their weapon attachments displayed incorrectly.