Aceu finds pay-to-win R-99 bug in Apex Legends

This isn't your average pay-to-win skin.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

When it comes to weapon sights in Apex Legends, a clear field of view is king. And while all the game’s attachments will look the same from weapon to weapon, not all of the game’s iron sights are created equal. A few legendary weapon skins have iron sights dubbed pay-to-win, which generally obscure the user’s field of vision far less than the default iron sights of the weapon.

One of those pay-to-win iron sights is the Cutting Edge R-99, one of the reactive battle pass skins from season seven. However, even the developers and designers who made that skin’s iron sights probably didn’t have this bug aceu ran into in mind when creating it.

While messing around with the gun, aceu aimed down the sights and noticed that the normal front portion of the iron sight was completely invisible, leaving only the pip crosshair in the middle floating above the rest of the weapon model. The effect made the gun feel like it essentially came with a 1x HCOG by default.

While this was the rare occurrence of a bug that actually helps players, it unfortunately didn’t last. After checking out the bug for a little while, he began looting another death box. After getting out of the death box menu, he ADSed once again, and the gun had already turned back to its normal sights.

“I had the best bug in the world and now it’s unbugged,” aceu laments, and it’s pretty easy to see why. If the bug persisted, his R-99 would have possibly the cleanest sight in the game, without needing any attachment whatsoever. In fact, the bugged version of the Cutting Edge skin might have even been better than any attachment sight he could’ve found for the gun.

Of course, having the “cleanest” sight is all a matter of personal preference, and having a good iron sight is only a tiny portion of all the variables that go into a fight. But for those that obsess over pay-to-win sights, this bug just might be the holy grail.