A fan-favorite Apex POI might be returning to Worlds Edge in season 16

We swear we're seeing things.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Every Apex Legends season, Respawn ships changes and tweaks to the now-iconic battlefields across the Outlands, from Kings Canyon to Olympus. This time around, in the battle royale’s sixteenth season, a fan-favorite old POI is reportedly among the changes—and Legends are going to have to get their boogies on if it’s true.

According to rumors from Thordan Smash on Twitter, the Mirage Voyage is rumored to be making its triumphant return in Apex Season 16, landing on World’s Edge again.

The famed Apex POI used to be a hotspot for death, weapons, and a good time. In the previous iterations of the Mirage Voyage players would scurry around a parked ship and battle it out for the best loot. The holograph-crafting legend, Mirage, would be there celebrating your arrival with a bunch of his other selves over the carnage.

Players were always encouraged to boogie, but the majority of the time it turned into a slaughter. The first Voyage made its way into the game in Season 3’s Holo-Day Bash event and has been removed and reintegrated a few times since.

After its World’s Edge debut, Mirage Volage went cross-country to Kings Canyon in Season 7. It was removed soon after but was eventually made into an Apex Arenas map that was added to rotation at the start of Season 9. The Arena map was called ‘Party Crasher’ and featured the crashed Voyager in the middle of the map.

Apex Season 16 is set to arrive on Feb. 14. The event is just in time for Valentine’s Day and with the Mirage Voyage looking likely to return alongside it, what’s not to love?


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