VALORANT’s character models clipping causes weird damage bug even behind impenetrable cover

Just another bug in the wall.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player has uncovered a game-breaking issue that exposes the vulnerabilities of impenetrable cover, turning supposedly covered players into potential bullet sponges.

The fan discovered the bug while testing the FPS’ wall penetration mechanics in a larger video. A player character’s model can clip through supposedly impenetrable objects. It’s not just a cosmetic effect either since these clipped body parts are vulnerable to damage.

The player theorizes that this happens due to supposedly impenetrable cover not actually stopping bullets short at the entry point, instead partially going through and stopping short before the exit point. As such, when coupled with the clipped character models, this results in potential susceptibility when the player should otherwise be completely covered.

Screengrab via quarkez

Clipped players will even take full damage from the bugged bullets. The numbers are apparently only adjusted when the projectiles leave, so entering bullets are unaffected by reduction.

The scenario isn’t exactly implausible or hard to replicate, either. As long as players are holding onto a weapon, which is most of the game, they’ll likely find themselves hiding behind cover at some point. Facing into walls is a common way to avoid potential flashbangs or preventing your gun from peeking into the open.

Until Riot fixes the issue, it might be a good idea to take a few steps back when you find yourself hugging the walls before a dangerous hot spot.