VALORANT player shoots Sova’s Shock Bolt into the air, wins the round 14 seconds later

"This ending will shock you."

Image via Riot Games

One VALORANT player learned an important lesson last night—always look up.

A VALORANT player used a cheeky Sova trick to win their team the round, posting the hilarious video yesterday. Using the agent’s Shock Bolt, the player was able to snag a kill from beyond the grave.

Sova’s Shock Bolt sends an explosive arrow out that detonates on collision. But players have found more utility by adding bounces to the ability, allowing it to ricochet off of surfaces.

Immediately after planting the Spike, the Sova player charged up two Shock Bolts. The first was aimed at the ground with two bounces, while the other was aimed straight into the sky with one bounce.

One of Sova’s teammates didn’t trust the method, asking the player “what are you doing?” But they eventually ate their words.

With one enemy left, Sova tried to snipe their adversary with the Operator. After missing the shot, however, the player was gunned down instead. Now that the enemy Phoenix had nothing standing in his way, all he had to do was defuse the Spike.

While the first Shock Bolt missed its mark, the second arrow hit true. While Phoenix was defusing the Spike, the Shock Bolt killed its target and ended the round.

“That’s what he was doing,” Sova’s teammate added.