VALORANT player discovers glitch that lets you instantly reload using ultimate orb

Uh oh.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT fans looking to mow down opponents with unlimited ammo are in luck.

A VALORANT player recently encountered an odd exploit while “messing around” with their friends, posting a video last night. By spamming the interact button on an ultimate orb, players can instantly reload their magazine without the long animation. Dot Esports tested the bug out in a custom match and found similar results.

To reproduce the bug, the player bound the interact key to mouse wheel down. This causes an odd interaction where the agent doesn’t go to grab the orb, despite it glowing repeatedly. If your magazine isn’t full, you can hit reload while spamming mouse wheel down and it’ll instantly fill the clip without any animation. Dot Esports experimented with multiple ultimate orbs and with different weapons, and the exploit worked every time.

This is clearly unintended because instantly reloading gives players an unfair advantage. A player, for example, can sit on an ultimate orb, wait for opponents to show up, and then spam. This is especially powerful with an Odin since it has such a large magazine.

Riot will likely patch the exploit out in a hotfix, especially if it poses a threat to competitive integrity.

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