VALORANT fans fear new types of hacking software are plaguing ranked matches

Where's Vanguard when you need it?

Sova Ascent standing in Defender spawn with his bow ready.
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VALORANT players believe hackers have been running rampant throughout ranked this week, with screenshots suggesting something is afoot.

The Riot Vanguard Anti-cheat is meant to be detecting all kinds of unfavorable anti-competitive software, but the community seems to think it’s missing more and more as time goes on. Whether it be hacks or an increasing number of smurfs, there’s something “making the rounds” in VALORANT matches.

Riot Games uses various measures to stop griefers, hackers, smurfs, or toxic teammates in their tracks. But the VALORANT community believes there’s been an uptick in cheaters or a regression in the software and techniques in catching them, according to a June 4 Reddit thread.

Players pointed to particular days using screenshots from VALORANT trackers, showcasing the dramatic change in ability. Some gamers believe it comes from “1 day” cheats, however in this instance, there’s a more likely answer for this issue.

Other players noticed the change in agent selection. While some believe people selectively choose the days they cheat, it’s more likely an account with multiple users due to their agent pattern, according to some players.

While this situation might actually point to a smurfing problem, there were others who claim hackers are still running rampant through the higher ranks. Ranks like Ascendant seem to be having an influx of hackers, with most cheaters likely looking to reach the highest ranks possible.

Players have suggested methods aimed at tackling the issue, and maybe Riot should take note.

As Premier released in April, ideas promoting an SMS verification system floated around the VALORANT community. Players would have one single phone number attached to the specific account, and it would in turn make it harder for hackers and smurfs to swap from one account to an entirely new one.

Whether Riot takes this suggestion on board is up in the air. But until the devs change something, we’ll likely keep encountering the worst kinds of players in our games.


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