VALORANT fan recreates Split in Unreal Engine

What VALORANT map would you want to see put through Unreal Engine?

Image via Riot Games

Reddit user Ravoux recreated VALORANT’s map Split in the Unreal Engine 5, which turned the once cartoonish video game look into something out of Cyberpunk 2077.

Ravoux has been working on bringing Split to life for months and first gave fans a taste over a month ago when they showcased what Split would look like in Unreal Engine with rain. But this original post was just an image of just outside the B site on Split from the attacker’s point of view. The theme of rain and lightning was then carried over into the full version of Split made by Ravoux.

The video that showcases what Split would look like in real life is over a minute long and takes the viewer throughout the map. The highlights include the same image from outside of the B site, as shown in the previous posts, as well as the middle of the map, A site, and the defender and attacker spawn. It also includes the storefront next to the defenders’ spawn where viewers can see a realistic rendering of the famous Glitchpop weapon skin line. 

Ravoux added images on ArtStation that broke down various steps in the process of creating Split in the Unreal Engine. This included each texture that was used to create the rainy scene and allowed fans of the artwork to download static images to turn into wallpapers. For those with Wallpaper Engine, Ravoux added a separate image for there as well.

This isn’t the first time that Ravoux has turned VALORANT into something realistic, though. They also made a trailer for Haven several months prior in the same fashion as Split.