Skadoodle not competing in upcoming event with T1, says he is working on agent pool

The former CS star will focus on his own game for a bit.

Photo via StarLadder

Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive star and current T1 VALORANT player Skadoodle will not play in this weekend’s events with his team, he announced via Twitter today. 

Skadoodle has been on the sidelines for quite some time already as he looks to expand his agent pool. In North America, the Operator/Jett player is the star of the team, and multiple rounds are won off the Jett player’s ability to out-peek the competition. Dating back to his time in Counter-Strike, Skadoodle is a more passive sniper, and the wins for T1 have been few and far in between because of it. 

This move means Skadoodle will not play during Flashpoint’s Pop Flash tournament, which is set to begin on Aug. 26. It’s still not clear who T1 will enter upcoming events with, but coach Daniel “fRoD” Montaner has been the stand-in for Skadoodle recently, and could be the best option for a T1 team struggling to live up to great expectations. 

T1 signed their first player, Braxton “brax” Pierce, before the VALORANT beta was available for download. They have been committed to success in VALORANT from the game’s genesis, likely as a result of their success in another Riot title, League of Legends

Skadoodle is one of North American Counter-Strike’s legends. While playing for Cloud9, he won the 2018 ELeague Boston Major, becoming the first North American team to win a CS Major. While his playstyle doesn’t seem to mesh with VALORANT’s current meta, the raw skill might still be there for the aging Skadoodle to make a run at glory in another game.