Riot outlines useful lineups on VALORANT’s Icebox map

Use these to your advantage.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games highlighted a few useful lineups on Icebox today to teach players how to make the most of various abilities in VALORANT

Icebox is the latest map introduced in VALORANT and features a different layout than most other maps. Icebox has an emphasis on vertical gameplay and there are several ways to approach each site. Many players have struggled to adapt to the new map, so Riot released a short video highlighting a few lineups every player should know. 

Sova players can fire his dart from the attackers spawn toward a tower outside of the map. The dart will ricochet off a boat in the ice and land on the wall behind B site. This is an excellent lineup to learn that can help with taking B site. 

Attackers can also use the crane above B site to their advantage. Brimstone can shoot his Molly at a specific indent in the crane, which will bounce the Molly directly into B site. Players attempting to disarm the Spike will have to retreat and the attackers will burn precious time. 

There’s also a lineup that Viper can use to cover her team’s advancement into A site. Players just need to use her wall while standing on a marked spot on the ground and fire at the wall on a snowman sticker’s right side. Players can also throw her poison cloud to block their advancement into the site entirely. 

The last lineup shows how to cover a planted Spike on A site while using Brimstone or Killjoy. Players need to plant the bomb on the right corner of A site and move to the elevated area above A pipes. Players can use Brimstone’s Molly or Killjoy’s swarm grenade to prevent players from defusing. Sova can also bounce a Shock Dart off the wall behind the elevated area for the same effect. 

These are just a few of the lineups on Icebox, but they should give almost every player a new tactic to use in matches. Be prepared for enemies to also use these lineups, though.