Reyna ultimate allows Valorant players to tell which Yoru is actually the fake clone

Reyna mains can save themseleves from getting accidentally flashed.

Image via Riot Games

Reyna’s ultimate ability, which allows her to see the shining outlines of VALORANT enemies, can help her differentiate between Yoru and his clone.

VALORANT’s most recent Yoru update gave him the ability to make clones that march forward after he sends them out. This clone is made to look exactly like the real Yoru, which baits enemies into attacking and results in the surrounding enemies getting flashed. With the clone being indistinguishable from the real Yoru, players are unable to tell which is which. All players, that is, unless you’re playing Renya.

Reyna’s whole lore is based around her stealing the souls of dead agents. She uses these souls to go invisible and maneuver out of a sticky situation or heal herself. These souls can be collected whenever Reyna gets an assist or kills an enemy and show up as orbs in the spot where the enemy died. 

While in her ultimate, Reyna can see enemies outlined in whatever enemy color the player has chosen (red by default). It is this boldly colored outline that helps her tell which Yoru is which. The bold outline is the soul of the enemy, which ties back into Reyna’s other abilities. But, Yoru’s fake will not show up with this outline—it does not have a “soul,” whereas the actual Yoru does.

This information was pointed out by one Reddit user, who proposed the theory of the Yoru fake not having a soul because it is just a clone of the agent. Now Reyna players will be able to see whether or not the Yoru running at them is real or fake while they are in their ultimate, which could save them from accidentally getting flashed.