Omen temporarily disabled in VALORANT after players report game-breaking bug

The agent will be disabled until a fix is released in the near future.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has acted on a bug by disabling one of the game’s most popular agents.

Earlier this week, players began to report a bug where Omen would become invulnerable after using his ultimate ability at the end of the round and having it canceled. This would result in Omen becoming invincible for the remaining duration of the game. Obviously, this was a big deal for players, some claiming to have been de-ranked due to losing games against opponents utilizing the bug.

Riot believed it had fixed the issue and attributed it to some of the “new tech” that had been enabled during the latest patch. Unfortunately, this fix did not resolve all the issues with the agent. VALORANT’s team tweeted today to notify players that Omen would be disabled from the game until a fix is able to be rolled out.

The team shared that they initially thought the bug where Omen would teleport past the spawn barriers was an issue with a map, but they soon realized the problem was actually Omen.

Teleporting through the spawn barriers was an issue players had reported before the invincible bug that would allow Omen to glitch past the spawn barrier on the map Bind and be able to enter the enemy’s side before the barriers were lifted.


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