Gen.G’s gMd kills 4 enemies before FaZe ZachaREEE responds with Sheriff ace during Myth’s Fight Club

ZachaREEE was not ready to let gMd ace.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT fans got to see some of the best professional players like Gen.G gMd and FaZe ZachaREEE compete yesterday in week two of TSM Myth’s Fight Club, a weekly fan-made event. And although it wasn’t an official Riot Games-hosted event, it didn’t lack in action.

Week two of Myth’s Fight Club featured 20 professional VALORANT players on four different teams as they competed for bragging rights. GMd and ZachaREEE crossed paths on teams subroza and android, respectfully, in an intense back-and-forth series. 

On Bind, gMd pushed towards A Site through A Long, killing two players before reaching the site and helping his team reach the area. He killed two more players on the site for good measure and was one kill away from securing an ace. 

The last player on android, ZachaREEE, pushed into the site and immediately killed Version 1’s effys and gMd with back-to-back Sheriff headshots. He continued his rampage with two more headshot kills before killing XSET Wedid to win the round. He defused the spike and kept the game within one round for his team.

Many players expected gMd to wipe the entire team. They did not have a full buy and were unprepared against rifles, but ZachaREEE showed just how strong the Sheriff can be in the right hands. 

Myth’s Fight Club gives fans another chance to see their favorite players with random teams, introducing exciting moments and situations not possible in regular matches. Most players have fun in these games, showing less stressful but still intense VALORANT gameplay. 

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