Complexity’s Johahp uses Skye flash to outplay Pittsburgh Knights

Skye can blind more than just enemies.

Image via Riot Games

Complexity and the Pittsburgh Knights recently faced off in the VALORANT Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship Open three quarterfinals. With the series tied at 1-1, the teams went to Bind for the final game of the series. 

The match was a back-and-forth affair, with each squad taking a few rounds to stay alive. The Pittsburgh Knights managed to win 12 rounds and were on the cusp of taking the match, but Complexity pulled off an impressive play to stay alive. 

Complexity’s JonahP was pushing toward the B site from B long when two of his teammates were quickly eliminated. Knights’ dsr retreated to B elbow to use his drone to stall and track the remaining attackers, which could’ve ruined Complexity’s chance of taking the site.

But JonahP used Skye’s flash to cover his push into the site and blinded dsr’s Owl Drone. This allowed him to enter the site without being seen and to surprise dsr while he was still using the drone. 

This opening pick allowed Complexity to take the site and eventually win the round. The Knights ultimately won the match, but this was still an impressive play by Complexity. 

Skye has been an often overlooked agent in VALORANT, but many teams have started to add her back to their team compositions. Her ability set can help her team push into sites and her ultimate can draw out hiding enemies. Plays like this will likely at least keep her on the mind of professional teams moving forward.

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