XQc unbans viewer who allowed him to win Fall Guys game

You can't report him for teaming.

Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is still in beta, but it captured the hearts of many streamers and viewers before its full release. Each match of Fall Guys features 60 players and put them through maps filled with obstacles. Only survivors advance through the next rounds, giving the game a battle royale-like vibe.

On one particular map today, with only 12 players remaining in the match, xQc pushed his way to the victory crown by overcoming giant boulders falling from the sky and pedals that spin around like a carousel.

The Twitch streamer had the upper hand in the final round and was placed in front of everyone in the starting line. Despite being the last round of a match, xQc was extraordinarily calm and almost ran into no trouble apart from falling a few times, which’s the nature of the game.

There was one other competitor that was blasting through the map, however, after xQc fell only a couple of steps away from the victory crown, a player named SpyBoss, allegedly reformed, and one named Bryce quickly got ahead of xQc.

Though xQc was quick to get up and got back on track, he knew that his chances of winning were close to none, “SpyBoss don’t do it!” xQc shouted. SpyBoss, a banned member of xQc’s chat, heard his call for help and suddenly stopped on his way to victory. Bryce, on the other hand, didn’t look like he was in the mood for giving xQc a free win. Seeing this, xQc asked for SpyBoss’s help once again to block Bryce’s path.

SpyBoss blocked Bryce’s path allowing xQc to claim the victory. xQc quickly repaid his favors by asking his mods to unban him in the chat. 

Not only did xQc take home his third win in a row, but the chat rejoiced with SpyBoss’s freedom. SpyBoss didn’t make any notable comments right after his unbanning, but the chat was already asking xQc to make him a moderator of his chat shortly after the game was completed.

We don’t know about SpyBoss’ past actions that got him banned, but his selfless act in Fall Guys, definitely showed he meant the “Reformed” tag in his username.

You can still land a beta code for Fall Guys, but the game scheduled for an Aug. 4 release on both PC and PlayStation 4.