XQc shocked to see fan wearing shirt with one of his emotes on it in Jubilee YouTube video

He couldn't believe a viewer would go that far.

xQc looks on Twitch stream.
Screengrab via xQc on Twitch

Providing entertaining gaming and reaction content to viewers during his long broadcasts is part of what’s given xQc such great success on Twitch. But yesterday, xQc was left stunned after noticing a viewer of his had infiltrated a video he was watching.

Early into his broadcast on June 4, xQc stumbled upon a new Jubilee YouTube video after a viewer linked it in his chat. The streaming star has made a habit of reacting to Jubilee videos and more than likely assumed this video wouldn’t be much different than any other he’s viewed. But xQc was in for a surprise.

Less than 15 seconds into the YouTube video, xQc noticed something out of the ordinary, pointing out the shirt one of the contestants was wearing. The Twitch star was confused at first but quickly realized the shirt had one of his emotes printed on it and that the video had been infiltrated by one of his eager fans.

“Oh my god, they’re starting … operation infiltration,” xQc said. “I told you guys this would happen. I told you guys that we would watch this so much that one day people would start infiltrating the videos.”

Fans on the LivestreamFail subreddit were quick to suggest that the fan was a stream sniper, even though this scenario might not fit the typical definition of that phrase. Having to deal with stream snipers in nearly every online multiplayer game he’s ever played while broadcasting to Twitch, xQc is used to those types of troublesome viewers. But this was clearly a first for the 26-year-old, and rather than the usual irritation that comes with stream snipers, xQc seemed happy to have some additional content for his viewers.