XQc greeted by Tik Tok content creator while watching a YouTube video

"Hi xQc."

XQC Fortnite
Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

XQc, known for his Overwatch, variety, and reaction streams, got a shout-out from a YouTuber behind the creation of a Tik Tok compilation video on stream yesterday.

After browsing the r/Livestreamfails subreddit, xQc looked for a laugh on YouTube when he searched for a Tik Tok compilation. Near the end of the video, the text “Hi xQc” popped up in the video, proving that YouTubers and Tik Tok content creators are aware that xQc views their content on his stream. 

XQc initially missed the message, but his chat told him to replay the video. During his second viewing, xQc was shocked at the discovery. “Wait, dude stop, what, how?” he said after the text was shown. 

“This is weird dude,” xQc said after continuing with the video. “How do they know, though? I’m done watching this dude.” But xQc finished watching the video.

“Dude, I feel like this was a setup,” xQc said after viewing the video and checking the comment section. “What if they coded this spam so that I’d watch this… this whole thing is weird.”

XQc, originally an Overwatch player, has been diversifying his content. He posts videos on his YouTube channel of him reacting to Tik Tok compilations and other viral content alongside walkthroughs and his Reddit Recap series. 

Although xQc seemed shocked by the acknowledgment, the streamer will most likely continue to react to viral content because it allows him to engage with his audience without being immersed in a game.