XQc gets cold feet while trying to order from a bar during an IRL stream

The streamer struggled with social interaction.

XQC Fortnite
Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

The boisterous and confident Twitch streamer xQc couldn’t replicate his online persona during an IRL stream in his hometown yesterday.

XQc failed to gather enough courage to order a beer from a local restaurant. After greeting a staff member, xQc stood and waited instead of going toward the bar. “Do I just sit here, what do I do?” he asked his chat. 

The streamer’s Twitch chat told him to sit at the bar directly to his right instead of standing in the middle of the restaurant. 

After failing to make his move, xQc was approached by the worker he previously greeted. Although the staff member was seemingly trying to help xQc, the streamer said that he was waiting for a friend and quickly exited the restaurant. “OK, I choked it,” he said. 

XQc’s Twitch chat hilariously questioned his decision since the streamer failed to listen to his viewers’ advice. 

Initially, xQc walked past the restaurant. But after building up enough courage, the Twitch streamer approached the restaurant to enter. “OK, let’s just do it, let’s do it, one beer and we’re done,” he said while walking up to the entrance. 

After leaving the restaurant, xQc said “I don’t know dude it looks easy on-screen but I don’t know the etiquette, you know, like where do I sit and how do I do it. I’ve been to bars before but just not on my own.” 

Later in the stream, xQc ordered from a different bar following his unsuccessful trip earlier in the night.

The Twitch streamer continues to successfully diversify his content, though. XQc had 92,000 views on his IRL stream and gained over 1,000 followers, according to SocialBlade