xQc claims Mizkif, LosPollosTV stole his content idea

"I say, 'Oh we should do that' and then the next day two people for the first time do it."

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

As arguably Twitch’s most popular streamer, xQc has often highlighted other streamers using his style of entertaining, but recently, he suggested that Mizkif and LosPollosTV stole an idea of his before he had a chance to do it himself.

During a recent livestream, a donator asked xQc about Mizkif’s stream where he had seven small streamers come on and decide who would win $1,000. XQc, however, claims he had mentioned this idea days earlier.

The streamer acknowledged, though, that he was not the person to come up with the idea. He had taken it from the YouTube channel Cut, who have been doing different variations of the idea for years. Regardless, xQc suggested viewers may have heard it on his stream and shared the idea with the other streamers.

Mizkif responded to the allegation, saying he had not stolen the idea from any streamer and the adaption he and LosPollosTV had done to the original Cut YouTube series was something that any streamer could have come up with.

Both Mizkif and LosPollosTV put their own unique spin on the stream with Mizkif choosing to host seven small streamers in his version, while LosPollos opted to take seven different viewers.