WoW Shadowlands Hairy Egg location: How to summon Gristlebeak

Sorry, Gristlebeak. Everyone needs the XP.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcract’s latest expansion, Shadowlands, is finally live, and players from all over the world are already flooding into the servers to stand as one for Azeroth.

While expansions are also the beginning of new chapters in WoW’s lore, they also serve as a fresh start for those looking to get back to the roots of what makes WoW a great game: questing. Countless quests are now available for players to advance in levels and progress through the story, but not all of them will be that straightforward.

Each quest will do its best to explain its requirements, but you may find yourself going through a puzzle once you get to the scene. One of these quests requires you to locate Gristlebeak, a rare NPC, but you’ll need to make her angry to summon and take her down.

How to summon Gristlebeak in WoW Shadowlands

Gristlebeak usually roams around the middle of Maldraxxus. You can spot it flying toward the right of Theater of Pain, but you won’t be able to attack her right away.

Gristlebeak is a neutral NPC by nature, and you’ll need to destroy her eggs for her to see you as a foe. 

You’ll find Gristlebeak and her eggs at 57.55, 51.51 in coordinates, and you’ll be able to destroy her eggs by attacking them. After you kill all four of the eggs, Gristlebeak will come down from the sky and will take a look at the mess you’ve made. Once she realizes that you destroyed her next of kin, her health bar will suddenly turn red and a fight will kick off.

Gristlebeak doesn’t have any mechanics you have to watch out for, and defeating her is relatively simple given that you’re geared enough for the quest. Once you take Gristlebeak down, you can move onto finding the Hairy eggs.

Where to find Strange Growth and Hairy Egg in WoW Shadowlands

You won’t have to cruise that far from where you took down Gristlebeak to find the Strange Growth and Hairy Egg. You’ll find the first one of the two at 55.86, 38.95 in coordinates. Simply interact with it to start examining when you get there.

Once you finish interacting with the Strange Growth, your character will be pushed back a little and the Strange Growth won’t be there anymore once you go back to the same spot. There will be a lootable bump in its place, and you’ll find the Hairy Egg inside of it.