What does VOD mean on Twitch?

VODs are useful for streamers and fans.

Image via Twitch

A Video on Demand, commonly called VOD, on Twitch is a recording of previously streamed content. Fans can watch VODs from their favorite streamer if they were unable to catch the live stream, and VODs are an excellent tool to keep fans engaged. 

VODs are an excellent way to archive previous streams and to allow fans to find previous content. Any streamer building a following should have VODs enabled, and fans should check the video tab to keep up to date on content. Fans can find VODs under the videos tab on any Twitch channel. From here, fans view the entire stream and chat in real-time. 

Any streamer can enable VOD storage on their channel. To enable them, navigate to the Creator Dashboard, locate preferences, and select Channel. From here, select the profile icon in the top right of the page and find the Settings menu. 

In the Channel & Videos section, locate the Stream Key & Preferences menu. Streamers can toggle the slider to store past broadcasts. Twitch Partners, Prime, and Turbo users will have their broadcasts stored for 60 days before being deleted. All other streamers will have 14 days before the broadcasts are deleted. 

Streamers also can edit, manage, and turn their VODs into highlights by using the Video Producer. It’s worth mentioning highlights are stored indefinitely, so any content streamers want to keep on their channel should be converted into a short highlight. 

Use VODS to keep your fans engaged, or check out the VODs of your favorite streamer to never miss content.