Valheim player perfectly recreates Lion’s Pride Inn from World of Warcraft

The player perfectly captured every aspect of the iconic tavern.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A Valheim player has successfully captured the essence and ambience of a classic World of Warcraft location, the Lion’s Pride Inn. 

The clip posted last night showcased a side-by-side view of Goldshire alongside the player’s recreation. Upon first walking into the recreated Lion’s Pride, the player is greeted with the iconic Hero’s Call Board before heading into the large, open space that should be familiar to countless WoW players.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this recreation was the amount of detail that was included. Everything from the hearths and torches on the walls to the small alcoves in the corners of the room was incorporated into this player’s Valheim server. 

The Valheim player nailed every aspect of the Lion’s Pride Inn, all the way down to the creepy basement with the barrels of wine. They even took the time to recreate the second floor of the inn, a space normally occupied by WoW’s various class trainers. 

The only major difference between the WoW version of the Lion’s Pride Inn and the Valheim recreation is the stark difference in the number of people in the tavern. On an average WoW server, the Lion’s Pride Inn is filled to the brim with players and NPCs. But in Valheim, only 10 players can be playing on a server at once.