Tyler1 unveils custom collectible figurine, says arms are “too small”

He thinks the skin is a little too dark.

Screengrab via Tyler1

Tyler1 is jumping into the collectible figurine game, but he doesn’t need Funko or LAMO to produce his vinyl. He’s making it himself. 

Tyler unboxed a new custom creation yesterday on his stream that he intends to sell to fans in the form of a vinyl figure. The 3.75-inch tall figure featured a disproportionately large head, as is popular with vinyls, and a few of Tyler’s iconic looks. Flexing his muscles and letting out a warcry, the figure is wearing Tyler’s signature “WINNABLE” tank top and a headset.

Tyler tried to defend his figure when he was unboxing it, saying that many people might joke and say the skin on it is too dark, but after taking a closer look, he began to realize that the vinyl did indeed have skin that was slightly darker than his own. 

“Okay, well, uh, we need to get these fixed a little bit,” he said holding the figurine to his forearm for comparison. “I mean, maybe if I had a tan. … The idea is good.”

He wasn’t too upset, though. He laughed at how the portrayal of him wasn’t perfectly in line with his looks, and when someone in his chat joked that the figures arms were “too big,” Tyler showed that he was ready to snap back. 

“Arms are too big?” he said. “Fucking damn thing’s too small.”

The figurine is purchasable on Tyler’s personal website, loltyler1.com, for $24.99. Tyler joins influencers like Ninja, TimTheTatman, DrDisrespect, Shroud, Summit1g, DrLupo, Lirk, and CouRage, who have vinyls of their own. Those streamers’ figures were done in partnership with the company LAMO.