Twitch updates reporting and appeals process

The platform is looking to streamline both processes.

Image via Twitch

Twitch announced the release of two new features today to address a well-known point of frustration for many users—reporting and suspension appeals.

The most-watched livestream platform in gaming regularly receives criticism from content creators because of the lack of transparency it treats user suspensions. The new “appeals portal,” which is live beginning today, aims to give “more clarity and control” to users when it comes to appeals.

In a statement, Twitch said that the appeals portal will aim to provide a faster appeals process and give users more information about the status of their appeal. The feature is intended to give users a more transparent appeals process.

The clarity Twitch is striving for is only regarding the appeals process itself. Some content creators have expressed issues with not understanding exactly why they were suspended. This update to the platform’s appeals process doesn’t necessarily directly address those concerns.

Content creators can access their appeals portal by finding it in the drop-down menu attached to “Safety” in their account’s profile.

Meanwhile, the platform has added an updated way for users to report other users in a more streamlined fashion. Twitch will begin implementing elements of that newer reporting process next week. The point of the new reporting system will be to simplify the process for users and make it more “intuitive.”