Twitch streamer gets banned for nudity when viewer donates to play “Ding Dong Song” during media share

Beware of media share.

Image via Twitch

Bodybuilder and Twitch streamer Knut disclosed that the platform gave him a three-day ban yesterday for having “adult nudity” on his stream—but the source of that nudity might surprise you. 

While doing a media share stream, Knut had a viewer donate the 2004 hit “Ding Dong Song” by Swedish artist Günther. The song’s official YouTube video opens by showing numerous women sleeping in front of a fireplace covered in just white sheets before you see Günther emerge from in between them all wearing nothing. 

The music video shows no frontal nudity, but as the intro plays, viewers can see Günther’s bare backside as he stands up to put on a robe and leave the room.

In a post on Twitter, Knut didn’t have much to say about the ban other than calling the “Ding Dong Song” itself a “classic.” He told his followers that he would see them on Twitch in three days when the suspension is over. 

This isn’t the first time Knut has been in trouble with Twitch. The IRL streamer was banned for 30 days in October 2019 following an incident where he reportedly went to visit Andy Milonakis at a poker game with transgender sex workers.

Knut isn’t exactly a high-profile content creator on Twitch. In 2019, he averaged 576 viewers over more than 1,600 hours of airtime, totaling around 947,000 hour watched.