Twitch streamer completes world first blindfolded Sekiro speedrun

Made it look easy.

Image via Activision

From Software’s games are notoriously difficult but that hasn’t stopped players from discovering ways to make them even more difficult–with one Twitch streamer completing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice while blindfolded.

The speedrunner Mitchriz completed this monstrous task in an impressive time of four hours, 35 minutes and 13 seconds.

After spending quite some time prepping for the run, the attempt ultimnately went smoothly with only a few bosses requiring more than a single attempt. With the completion of the run, Mitchriz has become the first person recorded person to do so, however, others have begun working on their own routes to attempt this difficult task.

Mitchriz is no stranger to speedrunning the game. Right now he holds the record for the fastest PC No Airswim run of the game, finishing in just 23 minutes 24 seconds. Among his other accolades is a completion of the game without being hit that took just under 34 minutes.

After finishing his challenge, Mitchriz shared that he thinks the time is most definitely beatable, and that if no other runners are able to do so, he may attempt to surpass the time himself. The route taken in the run led to the game’s Shura ending, so there is still plenty of variation to be had by other runners that may prove to be faster, reaching one of the game’s three other endings.

Right now though, the bar has been set for blindfolded Sekiro speedrunners to attempt for themselvesm, and there is no sign of it being beat anytime soon. You can check out the VOD from the run here, and there should be a clip posted to Mitchriz’s YouTube shortly.