Twitch is sending out personalized 2020 recap emails starting today

You'll learn just how much time you spent watching gamers game last year.

Image via Twitch

If you’ve ever wanted to know just how many hours you wasted while watching content on Twitch during quarantine in 2020, today is a great day.

Twitch is in the process of sending out 2020 Twitch Recap emails today, full of details on what channels you watched, how long you watched them, what channels you subscribed to, and even what your favorite emote was.

They even detail how many times you hit enter and sent a message in chat. That number undoubtedly includes spam, so don’t be shocked if it’s a bit high.

In a year where many of us were confined to our homes, Twitch became a top form of entertainment to pass the time and stay sane. And sometimes, staying sane means chatting with strangers about games and posting silly emotes. And that’s fine.

The email also includes your most-watched categories of the year, so you can know just how much time you spent in the Just Chatting section or flipping back and forth between multiple Among Us streams.

Screengrab via Twitch

If you haven’t gotten a recap email yet, be patient. Twitch said they’ll be rolling out throughout the day.