Twitch Gaming won’t co-stream Nintendo’s E3 showcase after the company urged creators not to


Image via Twitch

Less than an hour shy of Nintendo’s highly anticipated showcase at E3, Twitch Gaming has shared that it won’t be co-streaming the broadcast to stand in solidarity with creators after Nintendo warned them not to co-stream the event.

In a post by Nintendo Japan, the company asked that users refrain from broadcasting video or sound from the Nintendo Direct livestream, despite providing some leeway in terms of streaming the event. But Twitch Gaming then said that while it has broadcast the action in the past, viewers will need to tune in elsewhere today. 

“Nintendo tweeted from their official account that co-streaming today’s event is not allowed, differing from years past,” Twitch said. “While /twitchgaming has permission to air the show, we won’t be airing the event because all creators can’t co-stream.”

As Nintendo explained, creators can broadcast themselves watching and reacting to the event but can’t showcase the presentation itself on their stream. Following the presentation, the footage can be used in some cases.

“After the live distribution of Nintendo Direct, you can post a video that handles the distributed video as long as the content complies with the guidelines,” Nintendo’s tweet explains.

Nintendo’s showcase at E3 is set to start at 11am CT today. If you plan on tuning into the action live, you can do so on E3’s official platforms where the event will be streamed, as well as on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.

For creators, it may not be worth taking the risk of co-streaming the event since Twitch is likely to enforce takedowns against users who breach this request.