Twitch concludes investigation on the streaming of the German synagogue shooting

The streaming platform wants to "improve online safety" going forward.

Image via Twitch

Twitch addressed the live broadcasting of the tragic shooting that took place earlier this month near a synagogue in eastern Germany, claiming that the streaming platform has now concluded its investigation.

The streaming service added on to the information it previously provided on Twitter today, explaining that it’s intention is to be “transparent” with the community to improve “online safety.”

“Our intention and priority remains being transparent with our community and the wider industry so we can learn and develop best practices to improve online safety,” Twitch said. “With this in mind we’ve now concluded our investigation and would like to add to what we’ve shared previously.”

The Twitter thread breaks down the timeline of the anti-Semitic attack, specifically detailing Twitch’s actions and attempts to remove the content from the internet. The horrific shooting began at 6am CT on Yom Kippur and was streamed for 35 minutes with just three live viewers, down from the five viewers that Twitch previously speculated may have watched it on air.

Twitch then responded to a “user report” of the archived video, claiming to have removed the content and suspended the channel at 11:50am CT.

The majority of viewers who watched the video found it “via links that were published on third party sites,” according to Twitch. Of the 2,533 total viewers, 2,200 reportedly accessed it in the 30 minutes prior to it being removed.

Twitch is looking into how it can limit the spread of this kind of content. But the streaming platform won’t be sharing any details to avoid people manipulating the system.