Twitch chat successfully flies and lands a plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Sometimes, Twitch chat is productive.

Image via Twitch

Twitch chat typically isn’t known to be organized and structured, especially when in control of a video game. But now and then, a community can come together to pull off an impressive feat, such as landing a plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Rami Ismail, the co-founder of Vlambeer, recently set up a stream that allowed Twitch chat to control a Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The chat could control the speed, altitude, and other essential settings needed to keep the plane in the air. Surprisingly, the chat got the plane off the ground and kept it in the air for a significant amount of time—and even performed a barrel roll

The chat was also able to land the plane, which is difficult for a single player to master, let alone dozens of pilots controlling a plane at the same time. One player tried to ruin the fun by cutting the engines during takeoff, but most participants focused on successfully flying the aircraft. 

Twitch chat even took a moment to appreciate the beautiful graphics when the plane broke through the clouds and momentarily forgot about their plans to crash or keep the aircraft in the air. 

This small experiment showed how Twitch chat can sometimes come together and get something done instead of spiraling into chaos and arguing with one another. But don’t expect the hive mind to perform consistently.