Twitch chat pressures xQc into doing trendy ‘L$D’ TikTok dance

XQc caved to his chat's demands.

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Popular Twitch streamer xQc recently caved to his chat’s demand, doing the popular “L$D” dance on-stream despite initial protests.

The social media platform and cultural phenomenon has famously popularized and spread hundreds of dance challenges. One of the most recent and potentially the most absurd looking comes from a dance challenge associated with Luclover’s “L$D.” The dance challenge has swept across creators both on and off the platform, even enticing Twitch’s single most popular streamer.

While on a TikTok binge, viewers brought the song and related dance to xQc’s attention. Quickly disregarding it and attempting to switch back to his regular reaction content, xQc’s Twitch chat was flooded with messages encouraging him to do the dance on-stream.

“I’m not doing that, dude. I’m not doing that,” xQc said. “Bro, why do you guys make me doing cringe shit, man? I’m not doing it. Why are you guys being weird like that?” Though after insisting that he would not do it, Twitch chat soon wore the streamer down.

Finally fulfilling the chat’s wishes, xQc got up to switch on his lights, cleared his dance space, and went full-cam for the quick affair. Lamenting his community the entire time, xQc looked just as goofy performing the dance as his chat likely imagined.

After enduring 10 seconds of pure, concentrated embarrassment, he farmed Omegalul emotes in his chat. Attempting the dance in its entirety two more times before chat was truly satisfied, xQc was eventually able to close the case. Though he was unable to watch back the clip of his dance, xQc at least quelled his chat’s desires for the time being.