Twitch adds Suspicious User Detection tool to flag ban evaders

The tool will be active by default on all channels.

Image via Twitch

Twitch shared with its users today a new safety tool has been added to the platform that will help detect users engaging in suspicious activities, such as ban evasion.

The new Suspicious User Detection tool takes advantage of machine learning to flag those who may be using a new account to get around a previous ban on specific channels. With these users flagged, the creator or their moderators can take further action as they see fit.

According to a press release, this new tool, which took months to complete, was inspired by community feedback.

The tool is just another way that creators can deal with troublesome users during their streams. Twitch suggests that it should be used alongside other measures like AutoMod or phone-verified Chat as “no solution alone will ever effectively stop bad actors online.”

With it only now being rolled out, there will likely be plenty of adjustments to come as it is perfected. Suspicious User Detection will be enabled for all streamers by default as it is rolled out, but if you’d prefer not to use this new tool, you can disable it or adjust its settings from your channel moderation settings page. You can read more about this new tool in Twitch’s blog post here.