Twitch adds new Tier 2 and Tier 3 subscriber benefits

Twitch is providing new ways for partners to thank viewers.

Image via Twitch

Twitch is adding new ways for creators to give back to their biggest supporters with more digital benefits for Tier Two and Tier Three subscribers.

This update will add more emote slots, an additional flair for those higher tier subscribers, and a fleshed-out version of a feature in the Channel Points section.

At the front of these new benefits is the ability for creators to add four more emotes to their Tier Two and Tier Three listings. Before this, each Tier only had a single exclusive emote, which could be unlocked by reaching those higher levels. 

Additionaly, Tier Two and Tier Three get unlimited access to Partner-selected modified emote filters, which is something viewers usually need to unlock with Channel Points. Partners can choose from Grayscale, Horizontal Flip, Pinch, Shades, and Think modifiers to give viewers options to customize the emotes. 

Subscribers will have access to one emote modifier filter for Tier Two, and two filters for Tier Three. This is also easily accessed by holding down on your emote of choice, which will open a sub-menu that shows which filters can be applied. 

Affiliates and Partners can now apply a Badge Flair for their Tier Two and Tier Three subscribers, which will display on the channel’s Sub Badge as a way to show that those viewers support at a higher level than normal subscribers. 

Twitch will automatically apply a default star flair icon on every Affiliate and Partner channel but creators can also design a custom flair that matches their channel brand.

As of now, it appears most of these benefits only apply to Partners and not Affiliate channels, outside of the Badge Flair, which is available for both. More details about each feature can be found on the Twitch Support page.