TSM’s Myth says he’ll be experimenting with variety games for his stream

"If the real ones stay, they stay."

Myth leaks FaZe Clan FN player
Screengrab via Myth

TSM’s Ali “Myth” Kabbani is known for his high-level Fortnite streams and pro play. But the 20-year-old revealed that he plans to start playing a selection of different games near the end of his streams to add more variety for his viewers.

“I wanna try to sprinkle some in because I know a lot of you guys have been asking, you guys wanna see me play different games,” Myth said. “So we’re gonna try to do it, and if it happens, it happens. If the real ones stay, they stay. The fakes will fucking go.”

Myth revealed these plans after a Fortnite stream where he finished up watching a bunch of different videos with his viewers to end the night. He then mentioned that he’d find a bunch of other games to play for his next stream.

It can be tough for a streamer to suddenly switch the main game he or she broadcasts because they risk losing viewers in the process. Many people in Myth’s chat watch his stream for Fortnite and might not be too interested in watching him play other video games.

But Myth is an entertaining streamer, which could mean that his channel won’t lose as many viewers because of his engaging personality. Either way, it’s unclear exactly how Myth’s fans will react if he decides to take a more variety streamer approach to his broadcasts from here on out.

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