Summit1G calls out backseat gamers during Sea of Thieves stream

RIP chat.

Screengrab via Summit1G

Popular Twitch streamer Summit1g couldn’t hold back against viewers that were constantly telling him what to do in a stream yesterday.

After losing a couple of games in a row in Sea of Thieves’ arena mode, Summit had enough of the tips coming from his viewers.

Summit1g started off with a warning saying that he was in a bad mood and warned his viewers that being a sub wouldn’t be enough to get them off the hook this time.

“Say some stupid shit if you don’t give a fuck about being a sub here and I’m cool with that,” Summit1g said. He also told his chat to relax and stop giving attention to anyone who suggested he could do something else.

Summit1g continued by calling the backseat gamers in his chat “dumbasses” who thought they were good at the game just because they’ve been watching professional players’ streams for a long time. 

After saying he just couldn’t take the amount of “shit-talk” in his chat, Summit1g drew attention to the fact that players could just lose to a better team, and making different plays would have a minimum effect.

Multiple permanent bans were issued throughout the stream and summit1g continued to stream for another four hours after the incident.

Sea of Thieves’ arena mode was released on April 30, alongside the game’s anniversary update.