Summit bamboozles his way onto stranger’s ship in Sea of Thieves

Summit the stowaway.

Screengrab via Summit1G

In a nostalgic comeback stream, Summit returned to Sea of Thieves and brought back the classic high seas shenanigans that longtime fans are sure to remember.

Along with pulling off an Athena heist, Summit and his crew of friends and fellow streamers tormented all those unlucky enough to cross their ship’s path. It was 10 hours deep into his Sea of Thieves stream when Summit spotted a golden opportunity to sneak onto a ship they had previously engaged with. The streamer dove off his ship and quickly boarded the unsuspecting pirate ship.

Summit snuck to the top of his enemy’s ship, somehow avoiding detection by laying prone on the ground. Though the unfortunate soul turned around to investigate their ship, like a Skyrim NPC, the player eventually disregarded the potential intrusion and returned to business as usual.

In disbelief that he avoided being caught, Summit took the chance to mess with the ship further. Like Solid Snake, the streamer carefully snuck down the ship and into the captain’s quarters, where he proceeded to draw male genitalia on the player’s map with waypoint circles.

The invaded pirate eventually grew wiser after seeing that their map had been clearly altered. Eventually, Summit’s crew caught up and began to rain cannonballs on the already demoralized target. The opposing pirate, realizing his situation and recently discovered stowaway, quickly disconnected from the game before seeing his ship sink to the bottom of the ocean.

A near miss that landed Summit an opportunity for some classic Sea of Thieves pranks, chat applauded the streamer’s return to the beloved game.