SUBtember is live, giving Twitch users discounted subscription rates

SUBtember is here and with a new deal.

Image via Twitch

Twitch’s annual event SUBtember is officially live, allowing Twitch viewers to subscribe to any affiliated or partnered channel on Twitch at a discounted rate while still maintaining the streamer’s normal cut.

Beginning on Sept. 1 and running through the end of the month, SUBtember celebrates Twitch’s community and promotes growth by providing users with discounted subscription rates at all levels. While Twitch’s usual price cuts are in effect for all three subscription tiers, SUBtember’s recent sponsorship is bringing another way for users to both support their favorite creators and save money.

In partnership with Lenovo Legion, Twitch is running another deal to allow users to save money across all subscription tiers. Instead of just subscribing for one month, users now have the option to pay upfront for a three or six-month subscription, also at a reduced price. The longer prospective subscribers decide to commit to, the greater the discount they will receive. The month-long discount follows below:

  • 20 percent off one month subs
  • 25 percent off three month subs
  • 30 percent off six month subs

It should also be noted that SUBtember discounts will apply when upgrading from either prime or gifted subscriptions, and that gifted subscriptions at all levels will be slightly reduced.

Twitch affirmed that while sub prices have been reduced, the website’s content creators will retain their entire cut from the subscription, with the reduced amount coming out of Twitch’s pockets. Twitch has also announced a special SUBtember event on Sept. 16 at 3pm CT on Twitch Public Access, hinting at further announcements for the month.

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