Streamer receives DMCA strike for firetruck siren sample on GTA V RP server NoPixel 3.0

It's getting out of hand.

While playing GTA V RP on the NoPixel 3.0 server, Twitch streamer Ramee received a DMCA strike due to a sound effect that was played in-game.

According to the streamer the strike stemmed from a fire truck siren sample that played during his stream.

This was confirmed when he shared the terms of the DMCA on stream, even finding the sound that had breached copyright. The used audio was taken from The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library.

Being a custom GTA V mod, NoPixel uses a range of different custom audio samples to add to the new mechanics available on their server.

Despite having a variety of new samples, there have been very few issues with DMCA over the duration of NoPixel 3.0 so far. Previously, a streamer received a strike for the sound of a police siren used in the server.

Outside of GTA V, the issue of receiving strikes for in-game audio has been more common, with some cases even resulting in streamers having their accounts banned.

While Ramee may not have intentionally played the audio on his stream, it appears that Twitch is still enforcing the same strict policy for in-game audio as they do with music.

Fortunately, it does not look as though this incident will result in a ban. It is not clear if Ramee appealed the strike on his channel. It appears the only action taken against Ramee’s account so far has been to mute the audio from his VOD, which was quickly deleted after the strike.