Streamer Narcissawright has permanent Twitch ban reduced

The former speedrunner can stream on Twitch again in just 22 days.

Screengrab via Narcissa Wright on YouTube

Following an indefinite ban from Twitch on March 21, streamer Narcissawright released multiple tweets about the situation, including one that read: “I want to kill myself and shoot people at the twitch HQ!!! hahahaah!!” Despite this, less than two weeks after the ordeal, the streamer says Twitch has reduced her punishment to 22 days.

Interacting with viewers while streaming on Twitch comes with its risks. Occasionally angry fans will link NSFW content in chat with the hopes of getting the streamer banned after opening it. This is exactly what happened to Narcissawright on March 21, according to viewers, which led to an indefinite ban from the Amazon-owned platform.

Fortunately for the streamer, however, Twitch has decided to reverse its previous ruling on the ban. The punishment was reduced in part because of the “remorse expressed” in the 32-year-old’s appeal to the platform, according to an email from Twitch that Narcissawright provided on Twitter.

In addition to this, Narcissawright provided emails revealing that two other Twitch accounts of hers had been banned, showing that she had been attempting to evade her streaming restriction by using different accounts. In the email sent to the streamer by Twitch, it was noted that this type of behavior could result in additional punishment. It remains unclear whether Twitch will enforce this ruling on the actions taken before the ban had been reduced.

Despite Twitch’s decision to lower Narcissawright’s punishment to just 22 more days, many fans seem unconvinced that the streamer deserves a second chance. One even expressed that if they were a Twitch employee, they would be “very concerned” about an “unstable individual who threatened violence” being allowed to stream on the platform.

Nonetheless, Narcissawright will be able to once again stream on Twitch in less than a month.