Shroud explains how the new OTV and Friends Rust server will work

There will still be PvP.

Screengrab via shroud

Shroud, one of the popular streamers who has partaken in the action of the OTV and Friends Rust server, detailed how combat will work in the new, role-playing server.

Unlike the current server, Shroud shared that the new server’s map will be zoned off into two sectors—the southern portion will be a safe area for RP and PVE players, while the north side will be PVP area where other players can shoot on sight.

Although the original server will remain live after the new server’s launch, it is unknown which streamers will transition to the RP-friendly environment. Regardless, Shroud said during his stream that two servers is a good thing because more than 100 streamers want to participate in the action.

Upon its launch, the OTV and Friends Rust server boasted over 50 streamers, but in the days that followed, many more streamers joined the action, taking the total somewhere closer to the 100 mark.

The current server is set to shut down at midnight tonight in preparation for the launch of the RP server on Jan. 7.