Shroud: Competitive Fortnite and Apex aren’t very different

Do you agree?

Photo via DreamHack

While some battle royale fans are territorial about their favorite games, popular Twitch streamer Shroud isn’t convinced there’s much of a difference.

After a viewer commented that competitive Fortnite is “sitting in a box and editing,” Shroud gave his opinion on the competitive meta of Fortnite, as well as Apex Legends.

“Well, I mean it doesn’t matter—competitive anything is kind of campy,” Shroud said. “Competitive Apex is essentially just getting yourself set up in a house and peeking out windows. It’s the same exact concept. The only thing is you can’t build.”

Well, he’s not wrong. Competitive battle royale players, at least in big tournaments, are typically much more passive than they would be in a regular match. Oftentimes there is just too much at risk to run around in the open and look for kills. A playstyle in which you stay in a house (or build a structure in Fortnite) will usually help you get closer to the end.

Nonetheless, there will always be fans that belittle an opposing game. It’s the kind of rivalry that gaming has experienced for decades, so we should expect it to continue, even when the same criticism could be said about their own game.