Pokimane announces month-long break from streaming, content creation

Burnout is dangerous for streamers and content creators.

Screengrab via Amazon

Pokimane has decided to take a step back from content creation for the next month, citing burnout and the COVID-19 pandemic as the main reasons.

Like with many other content creators, Pokimane works almost exclusively from home, streaming and creating other forms of content for her millions of followers. The repetitiveness and lack of other creative outlets have led to her feeling burnt out for “some time,” however.

“Since quarantine began, it’s been hard for me to find the same joys and motivation for making content,” Pokimane said. “The things I look forward to the most, like visiting my family, traveling, going to conventions, and meeting some of you, aren’t possible right now.”

She says this month-long break has been in the works for a while and she thinks it is what is best for her mental health.

“I haven’t taken a month off since I graduated from high school over six years ago, and I feel long overdue for some time away from my career and online expectations,” Pokimane said.

During this absence, Pokimane hopes to get back into a “happy and excited” headspace in regards to making content again. She also asks that her fans take this as a reminder to take care of themselves.

When addressing the statement on stream, she said this break could be longer than a month and that she’ll tweet out a date for whenever she feels like she is ready to come back.