Player beats The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild without walking or running

Don't try this at home.

Image via Brett Chalupa (CC BY 2.0)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a huge map for players to explore. There are several ways to navigate the map, such as riding horses, paragliding, shield surfing, or simply walking. Most players use a combination of all these things while playing the game, which allows for a balanced and fun experience. One player decided he wanted to add another layer of difficulty, however, and beat the game without walking.

PointCrow is a popular streamer who plays several different games, including Breath of the Wild. He’s completed other challenge runs of the game previously, such as not being able to turn left throughout a playthrough. He began his no walking run last week and completed it over the course of two streams.

The rules of the run forbid any walking or running, but do allow hoping or strafing as well as any other form of transportation. PointCrow was required to strafe and hop around to navigate the map until other forms of transportation were available.

Once PointCrow obtained the paraglider and shield, he was able to cover greater distances without having to hop everywhere. He also used other techniques, such as blowing up bombs midair to propel himself further. PointCrow constantly saved in case he made any mistakes, such as walking or dying from an enemy. He also secured several powerful items, such as Majora’s mask and Phantom armor to assist the already-difficult run.

The combination of these techniques and items allowed PointCrow to make it to the final boss battle in just over six hours. After an hour and a half long boss battle, PointCrow finally defeated Ganon and finished his no walking run.

Breath of the Wild is already a challenging game without other parameters added. Not being able to walk would be a nightmare for most players. PointCrow’s run allows players to experience all the stress of the run without having to do it themselves.