Moderators pick on Greekgodx by leaving for Pokimane’s stream

"Why are we even trying at a time like this?"

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Greekgodx had big plans to put together a new PC on his stream yesterday. But those plans were interrupted when his moderators and friends helping him put together the rig left him to go watch Pokimane instead. 

While working on the PC with his friends, Greek was thanking one of his moderators, TJT811. But in praising the stream supporter, he brought up a name that maybe he shouldn’t have. 

“You do a really good job of being a moderator man,” he said. “And I’m actually proud of you because Pokimane is live, and you’re a Pokimane mod. So you’re choosing my stream over her stream. So your loyalty is good, man.”

After ealizing that Pokimane was live, Greek’s friends and fellow streamers, Nick Polom and Russel, quickly stopped assisting as a computer handyman and camera worker, respectively. 

“Oh, I’ll see you guys later,” Russel said. 

“I gotta go man,” Polom said. 

The hoax seemed to be calculated by Greek, though. After the two left the room, Greek stopped paying attention to his stream, pulled out his phone, and opened the Twitch app where he began watching Pokimane. 

It didn’t take long for Polom and Russel to return, but all three content creators continued what appeared to be somewhat of a prepared skit.

“Should we just end stream, host her and do this off stream, I mean honestly,” Polom said. “Like, why are we even trying at a time like this?”

The group’s joke was one of self-awareness. Some Twitch viewers have taken a recent liking to poking fun at certain streamers by frequently mentioning Pokimane or talking about how they’re going to leave a stream when Pokimane goes live.

Greek and the gang were simply taking the joke one step further by faking that they were going to end the stream altogether with Pokimane being live.