Mizkif gets a present from Twitch

The streamer was not impressed.

Screengrab via twitch.tv/mizkif

It’s not every day Twitch sends its streamers gifts, but for Mizkif, one of the platform’s most popular streamers, this was the case today.

As a belated birthday present, Twitch sent him a parcel. As Mizkif unboxed his mail on a recent stream, he first found a note from Twitch. The note read “Have the happiest of birthday and a fantastic year ahead of you, the Twitch Fam.”

Unamused but eager to find out what is inside, Mizkif opened the gift informing the chat that he just wanted the Ocarina of Time from the Legend of Zelda franchise. With fitting music to unbox, the streamer wasted no time unveiling what was inside. To his disappointment, it was not the Ocarina but actually a variety of small gifts, including chocolate.

“That’s it. That’s what you give me, chat. Chocolate?” Mizkif asked. The streamer then grabbed another item from the parcel, pulling out a box of Do Something Dice. “You’ve already sent this to me, I’ve gotten this already Twitch, I’ve gotten this same box.”

Twitch has been known to send their popular streamers gifts for different occasions and events such as birthdays.