Ludwig estimates he will make over $10,000 from his subathon stream

The stream is still going strong.

Screengrab via Ludwig

Ludwig has struck gold with his subathon stream, which has pushed his channel to the most subscribed stream on Twitch and netted a massive sum of money in the process. Factoring for several deductions, however, the streamer claims he will only take home a fraction of this amount.

During a recent stream, Ludwig used a viewer-made spreadsheet that has been recording all the data for the subathon to give an estimate on the total money earned. With this information, Ludwig broke down his earnings into different categories.

After doing all the calculations on the amount estimated, Ludwig’s overall cut to be $3,000, but the streamer mentioned the amount is more likely to be above $10,000.

With an overall total of $471,756 so far, the streamer factored in Twitch’s cut for subscribers and the amount he would need to pay on tax. This took the total down to around $150,000. From this amount, the streamer took his moderators’ cut out, as well as the amount that he had agreed to donate to charity for each new subscriber to his stream.

“Even this number ($150,000) is still less valuable that the increase in Twitch viewership, total follower gain, The New York Times article,” Ludwig said.

As it stands, Ludwig still has at least 31 hours to go, and the viewers are still consistently doing their part to add to that amount.