LilyPichu and her mods harassed over Rust Twitch drop

The drop is still available for three more days.

Screengrab via Facepunch Studios

With the popularity of Rust blowing up thanks in part to the Offline TV and Friends Twitch server, a set of in-game cosmetics was released that’s styled after some of the popular streamers participating in the server.

But one of these streamers, Offline TV member LilyPichu, has been the recipient of targeted abuse relating to the drop.

The in-game item was made available for free for viewers who tune into her stream. This didn’t stop LilyPichu and her moderators from facing harassment from frustrated viewers awaiting their drop, however.

In a post, Lily shared some of the messages she received. She also said a viewer called one of her moderators on Discord, asking them to tell her to go live. Because Lily usually streams less than some other streamers, she chose to lower the requirement to just two hours watched to qualify for the drop.

In her post, Lily said she plans to stream more in the coming days and has asked for her viewers not to harass her mods about it.

Drops on her channel will remain active for the next three days. Users who want to get their hands on the in-game jacket simply need to make sure their Twitch account is linked to their Steam account that owns the game and watch two hours of Lily’s stream to qualify.