Leaked chat logs reveal racist, sexist, and homophobic comments from Twitch streamer Jenna

“Honestly, I don’t remember doing this. This doesn’t reflect who I am."

Screengrab via Jenna

Twitch streamer Jenna faces backlash after chat logs from Discord show comments filled with racist, sexist, and homophobic remarks.

A post on the LivestreamFail subreddit (warning: this link contains images with strong language and racial slurs) linked to chat logs from Jenna’s Discord channel featuring the streamer using offensive words about race, sexuality, gender, and the mentally handicapped. The images included searches showing that these comments weren’t used just a few times, but a number of times dating back several years to as recent as last month. To prove the credibility of the images, a video was included with the user searching the Discord channel for Jenna’s comments.

Jenna became aware of the leak toward the end of a five-hour stream yesterday. Viewers in chat began asking her about her comments and Discord channel, with some telling her to delete the Discord chat immediately. She proceeded to visit the subreddit and realized what everyone was talking about.

Jenna received a lot of criticism for the logs since many people felt the streamer played the victim when apologizing for the remarks.

“Honestly, I don’t remember doing this,” Jenna said. “This doesn’t reflect who I am.”

She said she doesn’t hate anyone and never will hate anyone. She also said some of the comments were taken out of context since they don’t include everything around the post.

Some viewers came to her defense, pointing out that many of the comments are old and people change over time—many of the images included in the post are from 2018 and earlier. Others, however, pointed to some of the comments being recent and felt it shows a continuation of the behavior. Some claimed Jenna only felt bad and apologized for her comments because she feared losing her partnerships. Jenna responded saying she believes if she loses her partnerships, it’s because she deserves it.

This isn’t the first time Jenna has come under fire recently. Earlier this month, a clip shows Jenna revealing she used her pull as a streamer to convince a man, said to be her best friend, to kiss her. Many viewers called the act sexual assault. She later explained the situation in more detail during a conversation with fellow Twitch streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker and brought the alleged victim on stream to get his point of view. Piker said he wanted to kiss her and only said it felt weird because he was shocked by the kiss.

The Canadian streamer, who has over 260,000 followers and nearly 1,000 subscribers, is known for streaming Runescape and World of Warcraft, among other games.

Jenna hasn’t responded to Dot Esports’ request for comment at time of writing.