Jinnytty surpasses Pokimane and Ironmouse as second most-viewed female streamer on Twitch

Jinnytty's travel content skyrockets her to second place.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/Jinnytty

Korean IRL and travel streamer Jinnytty has risen to the status of the second most-viewed female streamer on Twitch, for the first time surpassing massively popular figures such as Pokimane, Ironmouse, and more, according to Stream Charts.

While many new streamers entered the Twitch ecosystem in 2022, Amouranth, Pokimane, and Ironmouse have firmly remained as Twitch’s most-viewed female streamers. Throughout the year, these three names have made up the lion’s share of female Twitch streamers’ viewership. Over the past month, however, Jinnytty made an unexpected climb into the top five and began to rival some of the platform’s most established names.

Over the month of June, Jinnytty amassed over 1.65 million hours watched, according to Stream Charts. This uptick marked a stark 54-percent increase from the prior month and mostly came from her travel content where she streamed across Thailand, Singapore, Spain, France, and more.

Starting the month in the fourth-place spot, Jinnytty’s ascend up the streamer rankings did not come without its challenges. Ironmouse, who previously became the most subscribed to streamer in February, spent 50 percent more time on broadcast in June though ultimately fell to the fifth-place spot. Veteran streamer Pokimane also saw a slight downward trend, gathering 1.54 million hours watched and landing just behind Jinnytty.

Hot tub and ASMR streamer Amouranth still holds the first-place position among female streamers by a seemingly ever-increasing margin. Witnessing an 86-percent increase in viewership, Amouranth generated 3.7 million hours watched, more than her two closest pursuers combined.

Here is the list of most-viewed female streamers as of July 2022, according to Stream Charts:

  • Amouranth (3.76 million hours watched)
  • Jinnytty (1.65 million hours watched)
  • Pokimane (1.54 million hours watched)
  • Saddummy (1.52 million hours watched)
  • Fusile (1.25 million hours watched)
  • Ironmouse (1.10 million hours watched)
  • 39daph (1.07 million hours watched)
  • Kyedae (1.04 million hours watched)
  • IJenz (932,000 hours watched)
  • Rivers_gg (811,000 hours watched)

While Amouranth may still have a stranglehold over the most-viewed position, there have certainly been many shifts in the lower nine spots. Jinnytty’s massively successful travel content has resulted in one of her best months of streaming yet.