How to watch iiTzTimmy’s stream with Post Malone

Twitch's latest celebrity collab.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

On Feb. 23, popular FPS streamer iiTzTimmy’s announced that famous musician Post Malone will join him on stream to play Apex Legends.

The broadcast is set to start today, Feb. 24, at 3pm CT and will be streamed from iiTzTimmy’s Twitch channel. Given that Post Malone does not actively stream on his Twitch channel, the collaboration will only be available from iiTzTimmy’s perspective.

The 21-year-old Twitch star is one of the largest FPS streamers on the platform, boasting over 1.2 followers on Twitch. Most known for his content across several games, including VALORANT, Apex, CS:GO, and other related titles, iiTzTimmy has broadcasted on Twitch since 2018.

Brother to fellow FPS streamer Aceu, iiTzTimmy has played at both a semi-pro and casual level. Formerly of Golden Guardians’ Apex team, iiTzTimmy has made appearances across countless Twitch Rivals and other third-party tournaments, including invitations from OTK, NICKMERCS, and more.

Post Malone has increased his presence in the esports and gaming industries significantly over the past several years. A co-owner of Team Envy, now partnered with the longstanding OpTic Gaming brand, Post Malone has supported his organization’s teams across countless esports titles.

This isn’t Post Malone’s first time on Twitch. The singer-songwriter has a verified Twitch account. Malone’s presence on Twitch is infrequent at best, however. The last time he regularly streamed was almost four years ago. Now partnering up with one of the platform’s most prominent FPS streamers, this may signal a renewed interest in regular broadcasting.